6-Week Online Course
to Write
Action Plan

For 6 weeks, your emergency preparedness team attends a live, online course (one hour per week, recorded in case you miss one). 

You’ll end up with:

  1. Your Owner/CEO mandate for your Business Emergency Action Plan to set priorities & participation expectations, and create a budget line item.
  2. Comprehensive threat and hazard id and risk assessment identifying your top 5 risk exposures + a current plan of action to reduce the impact of each of those 5 risks.
  3. Personal preparedness program for your workforce at work, home, vehicles, & elsewhere. (10 Personal Preparedness Workbooks included.) 
  4. FEMA training for a safe & coordinated disaster response.  
  5. Personalized digital copy of YOUR Business Emergency Action Plan. 
  6. Exercises designed to test your plans & train your workforce.

THE REST of your emergency planning time is spent on training + continuity planning.  What do you need to have in place to get back-up-and-running, ASAP?  It really can be this easy!  Let me be your mentor to best ensure you, your business, and your workforce have ACTIONABLE emergency plans in place.

WHAT IF YOU ALREADY HAVE a written plan?
If you already have a written plan, take this course at a reduced rate to help ensure your plan is actionable and your workforce is trained for safe responses to the emergencies, disruptions, and disasters that may affect your business.

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