Write Your

Business Emergency ACTION Plan

in just 6 Weeks

Already have a plan?
Compare your existing plan to to ours!

A written, tested Business Emergency Action Plan

  • protects your business and educates your workforce

  • provides the framework for you and your workforce to prepare for and SAFELY respond to emergencies, disruptions and disastrous events

  • is required if you want a government contract 

Writing this plan often takes years of collaboration & meetings.  And then you wonder... 

  • What’s missing?
  • Will my key people show up to work when I am counting on them?
  • Will we be able to communicate in emergencies?
  • How can we stress safety more?
  • Are we prepared for workplace violence?
  • Have we addressed customer issues in emergencies?
  • Will this plan reduce response costs?
  • Are we decreasing the impacts of our top risk exposures every year?
  • Will my family & workforce be prepared at home for emergencies?


Write Your Business Emergency ACTION Plan in a 6-Week Course


  • Can’t I just buy a plan from Hazard Strategies?
    No.  This is an educational program that not only delivers a written plan but training that is necessary to make it ACTIONABLE.
  • What if we already have a written plan?
    You can take this course at a reduced rate so you can compare your plan to the course information to help ensure your plan is actionable and covers the basics.
  • What if we can’t attend all the sessions? 
    The live course sessions are recorded and available for your replay shortly after the live session.
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